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3 tools an internet marketer must utilize…

  1. An auto-responder, like Aweber. This is important because it helps you to start building and maintaining your list through emails.
  2. A tracking service, like Google analytics. This is important because it lets you know what is working, when it is working, why it is working, how it is working and where it is working, so that you know exactly where to spend your advertising budget.
  3. A platform to build your brand, like a blog, website or Facebook. This is important because you are out there getting your message seen and heard.


What is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing or HTAM?

So maybe you have heard about affiliate marketing, but have you heard about High Ticket Affiliate Marketing (HTAM)? There are a lot of companies that offer the opportunity to be an affiliate marketer for them but not with HTAM. Let me explain… A regular affiliate marketer sells products that range from $1-$100. An HTAMarketer sells front end products that range from $1-$50 but also has back end products to sell that range from $1000-$30,000. So a regular affiliate marketer has to work twice as hard. Here’s why… If an HTAMarketer sells a $10,000 product to 1 customer, a regular affiliate marketer will have to sell a $50 product to 200 customers. Which would you rather do? 1 customer vs. 200 customers? I will choose the 1 every time. And now you are wondering…(it’s ok, I was skeptical at first too) Are there really people out there willing to spend that much money for something online? Yes! More than you can even imagine. In my business, it happens every day. If it didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to work from home. If you have been thinking about making a change? If you are tired of the daily 9-5? Contact me at for more information.

3 tips of any 1 social media platform…

My favorite social media platform is Facebook so that is the one I am going to give you tips on today. I started my fan page about six months ago and I have learned many things through trial and error so I am able to speak from personal experience. The first tip I will give you is post, post and post. Facebook loves posts and they especially love posts with pictures. You will reach more of your audience when you post something with a picture. So what do I post? Inspirational quotes, business inspirational quotes, inspirational words of encouragement, videos, articles, etc… Second, engage with your audience as soon as possible. Engage with anyone who comments on anything by replying to their comment. Remember that Facebook keeps track of everything and you want them to see that you are actively engaging with your audience on a daily basis. And my third tip is a DO NOT tip and it is VERY IMPORTANT: Do not put anything about make money, financial freedom, work from home business, or even your link in the post or anywhere on your page!! These will get your ads shut down when you start advertising on Facebook! Don’t let that scare you though…just follow their rules and you will be fine! Happy Facebooking 🙂



Why the Bible is my favorite book…

I have always had a love of books. I can’t remember exactly what age I was but I do remember the feeling I had reading my first book and I still get that same feeling today when I read. I was an only child so I think for me reading was a companion and an escape. Not that I had a bad childhood but reading helped me to combat the loneliness that I felt at times. I have favorite books and favorite authors but my all time favorite book is the Bible. I have read it completely twice but I still read from it every morning by starting my day with a scripture and a devotion to go along with it. That plus coffee is how I find my motivation and encouragement. I also consider the Bible to be my instructional guide. Any question that I have about life, I can find the answer there. The Bible also has gotten me through the roughest, hardest times of my life, including the loss of my son. It has been a source of peace, comfort, joy and direction. No matter what I am going through, no matter what questions I have, no matter what decisions I need to make; I always use my Bible for a reference along with prayer. It gives me hope, it gives me the strength to go on, it gives me faith that God has a plan and purpose for my life. That it makes no difference what challenges I’ve had to face, God can turn it around and use it for good.

Why is content creation so important for an internet marketer?

I can sum this one up in 5 easy steps:

  1. It builds your brand
  2. It establishes you as an authority in your niche
  3. It is used throughout the entire sales process
  4. It educates and creates awareness about your product
  5. It keeps the attention of your customer longer

Who are my mentors and key tips I have learned from them…

As I was thinking about this, I realized that mentors can come in many different ways. Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be a specific person and sometimes that person may not even know they have been a positive influence in your life. My mother is one and what I have learned from her is not to judge, because you never know what is going on in a person’s life. You have heard the old cliché…never judge a book by its cover. That is so true. A smile or a bad attitude can cover up so much hurt and pain, you just never know. So don’t judge. My father, who was a minister, is another one. I learned from him all about God’s love. Sitting under his ministry for so many years, the most important thing I learned was…God doesn’t love the sin, but He does love the sinner. How relevant that is for all of our lives. We have all failed and made mistakes but God still loves us. One of my past Retail District Managers is another one. She taught me that Leadership is not what you do to people, it’s what you do with people. My husband is also one of my mentors. He has taught me that everything does not always have to be perfect. It is ok if plans don’t work out. It’s ok if you don’t have any plans at all. It’s ok if the house doesn’t look like a picture out of a magazine or if there is a little chaos.  That the world is not going to come to an end if I forget something. lol That it’s just ok if I’m not perfect. A friend of mine, Tasha Cooney, has taught me all about acceptance. Acceptance of myself. Becoming comfortable in my own skin. Just being! It’s just as simple as that. Just letting go. Just accepting yourself and loving yourself for who you are. And last but not least, MOBE, the company I work with. I know that is kind of general and broad at the same time but what I have learned along my journey so far, is I am capable of so much more than I ever thought possible or have ever given myself credit for. I now have a confidence that there is nothing I can’t accomplish or figure out once I set my mind to it.

So, I encourage you to stop and think about the mentors in your life and what key tip or tips you have learned from them, and then start implementing that into your life again. Focus on and build from them and see the difference they make in your life.


Who is one of my influencers…

So when I looked up the word influencer, this is one of the sentences that was used as an example…The most powerful influencer of beliefs is through direct experience. I looked up the definition because I wasn’t sure who has directly influenced my life but as soon as I read that sentence I knew. There is one person who has influenced my beliefs through direct experience more than anyone else…my mother. She has helped to shape my character through her life, through the way she lived her life, through the way she interacted with people. Some examples of my character are: kindness, compassion, gentleness, empathy, my willingness to share and my desire to help others. I am very thankful for the positive influence she has been in my life: past, present and future.

How to find more time for the one daily ritual you love…

I love to write. I find it to be very therapeutic…there is just something about transferring the words from my thoughts to paper. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time or when I do have the time, having enough time. So what I have started doing is setting aside the same time of day to write. As this becomes easier to accomplish, I will try to increase the time. It doesn’t matter what the ritual it, this can be done for anything. So give it a try!


Why Facebook is my favorite social media platform…

The reason why I love Facebook is: it is a one stop shop. It is a great way to communicate; to stay in touch with those that no longer live in the area or maybe those you have previously lost contact with. Also, what is going on in their lives…from birthdays, to anniversaries, to graduations and everything in between. If you don’t watch tv or read the newspaper, it’s a great place to find out local, international news and the weather. Another great thing about Facebook is their advertising platform. None of us go on Facebook to buy anything but the way their ad platform is set up, it is so strategic that we almost don’t even realize that we are being advertised too. There is just a wealth of information we can find out in just one place. That’s why I love Facebook!

How do I overcome self doubt…

I start each and every day with the attitude of “Love the Day!” a scripture and devotion. This gives me motivation and encouragement for the day and helps me to be ready to face whatever may come. I stay very positive and encourage myself by using things that I have been able to overcome in the past. Thinking about where I have come from, having faith on where God is leading me and believing that I am going to get to that place where I want to be. Not looking at the negatives but always focusing on the positives. I believe that no matter where we have been, no matter what we have been through, we can turn that mess into a message. All of us have been through things in our life that cause us to have self doubt but we can use those experiences to strengthen us.