Incentivizing yourself to higher productivity…

Incentivization is a buzzword in business circles for good reasons. Researchers have known for years that most employees aren’t fully engaged in their jobs.
Even the best of us sometimes see our job as little more than a guaranteed paycheck, a means to an end of a comfortable lifestyle or, in more troubled times, financial survival.
Workplace motivation comes in two different flavors: extrinsic and intrinsic.
Extrinsic motivators are perks like parking spots, corner offices cubicle doors, bonuses, raises and promotions.
Intrinsic motivators are pride for a job-well-done, happiness from positive feedback, ambition and a drive to be the best.
But sometimes the best motivation comes from your own selfish impulses. If you promise yourself a walk around the building for finishing a report, then you have more of a compelling reason for getting it done.
If you are having a hard time overcoming your motivational deficit disorder, or you just can’t seem to get the traction you need to excel, consider these ways to convince yourself to incentivize yourself towards higher productivity…
1. Gamify your work…gamification involves rewarding yourself for doing the hard things. One way is to give yourself points for the important tasks, which you can then trade in for a mani-pedi, your fav craft beer or a round of golf.
Or, you can simply do as suggested above, promise yourself a one-time treat for completing a task.
2. Adopt a mantra…pick a favorite saying to help keep you going and say it when you are feeling down. Walt Disney’s was “Keep moving forward”. Dory’s in “Finding Nemo” was “Just keep swimming”. Or maybe “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.” Or your favorite scripture in the Bible. The important thing is to find what works for you.
3. One step at a time…when you are feeling overwhelmed and have no idea how to get going much less at a high-level…just pick a place and start. Do an easy task first and hopefully this will get the ball rolling.
4. Make yourself happy…buy yourself flowers, take a walk, listen to your fav music. Smile. Treat yourself to a specialty coffee or an ice cream. Find ways to boost your mood and cheer your own self up.
We all get sick of work and have bad days. The important thing is to not let the momentary moods slow you down. If you can’t engage, give yourself a reason to engage.
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