Setting up Good DAYS…

Slow down your days so you can enjoy what’s most important, for you.

There’s a great movie: A Good Year, starring Russell Crowe.

Have you seen it?

Russell’s character is this “big wig” Investment Banker whose uncle has just passed away.

(His uncle is a man who enjoys life to the FULL.)

He inherits the home and the vineyard the home sits on.

So, he has to go to his uncle’s estate in Provence, a charming place he used to love visiting when he was a young boy.

He’d play chess, swim, walk the vineyards, and sample wine with his uncle.

Yet, he’d not been there in over 10 years.

He was so caught up in his work-life, that when he missed his flight to get back home,

His assistant said he’d tell folks he was on holiday.

His reply?

“DO NOT say I’m on holiday. That’s worse than dying.”


It’s crazy how people tie their work to their identity. Who they are.

Like you’re something special if you sleep under a desk and work till you have an early heart attack.

Yet, isn’t that how most folks are?

Even on the NORMAL end of the scale…

Most are too busy to ENJOY life and to invest in enriching EXPERIENCES!

You seeing this too, in the busy world we live in?

Anyway, it’s a great movie about Russell getting back to his roots.

To experiencing life.

Enjoying a cool breeze.
Sipping a glass of good wine.

Stopping to smell the roses.

Now again, the movie is called A Good Year, but…

I think it’s really about setting up Good DAYS for ourselves!

I’m curious?

What would an ideal, normal, M-F DAY look like for you?

I’d encourage you to write it down. Some things you could probably start doing, right away.


You may need to free up some time?

In either case, it’s worth it!

Life is short…

Let’s enjoy life to the FULLEST!


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