Vision boards and pep talks…

Why vision boards and self pep talks will never hold the key to the good life.

Money doesn’t care if you have a vision board or tell yourself powerful affirmations, 24/7/365…

It’s not that those things are “bad”. It’s just that money doesn’t care.

Making a great income is all about putting OFFERS of VALUE out into the world.

Need to make more?

Put bigger, better offers of value out there, more often.

Think of it this way…

A heart doctor doesn’t have to create a vision board, or tell himself he’s awesome in order to pull in $450K a year.

He has an offer (helping sick people!) that solves a big problem many people sadly have.

But here’s the key insight…

YOU don’t have to be the creator of the offer.

You can use other people’s offers/assets!

A doctor may leverage a hospital, they have the tools, the staff, and the patients.

A movie director leverages actors and well written scripts.

Someone who runs an e-Commerce business may leverage Amazon, and someone in China makes their products.

Leverage, leverage, leverage.

Make sense?

You can do the same.

Use other people’s assets and get extra money per month, asap…

Follow these 1-2-3 easy steps.

Put these offers out there.

The more you do this?

The more you’ll make.

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