Two rabbits and a donkey…

Too many opportunities? Don’t know what to decide?

It wasn’t too long ago that most of us didn’t have a lot of choices as to our careers and futures.

There was high school, college, or getting into a family business.

There wasn’t a lot of more options than that!

Today, we’re bombarded with information and opportunity.

It can be hard to choose. We want a handful of everything.

We don’t want to miss out on anything.

I’m reminded of a few fables…

The man who chases two rabbits, catches neither one.

There’s a lot of truth to that!

There’s another story of a donkey that’s standing halfway between a pile of hay and a bucket of water.

He keeps looking left to the hay, and then right to the water, trying to decide.

Hay or water, hay or water?

He’s unable to decide, and eventually falls over dead of hunger and thirst.

With just a little bit of insight, he would have realized he could clearly go drink the water.

And then walk over and eat the hay.

But you can’t do both at once, right?

So, in short?

We can do anything in life we want to do, but

we can only be 100% successful at one thing at a time.

We can’t chase two rabbits at once.

We will just end up tired and hungry!

Lots of ways we can apply this in our lives, isn’t there?

This is one reason why the business model I use works extremely well.

Building an online business has lots of moving parts to it usually.

Product development and fulfillment, support, sales and marketing, and on and on it goes.

This system allows you to focus on one thing to create a great income.

After you login, you will just have to focus on one thing that can get you to your first milestone of up to $10K in a month.

You’ll discover this simple daily process to generate qualified leads online, and most everything else is handled for you.


It can result in you getting high-ticket commissions of up to $10K, when the system sells these valuable offers for you.

Nice, right? ?

Just focus on ONE RABBIT.
And may we not be like the “donkey.”

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