Should I quit my job…

Today I want to answer another question/questions that I get asked a lot…

Should I quit my job?
Do I have to quit my job to do this?
Will I have time to do this and work my full-time job?
How soon after starting this should/can I quit my job?

Let me first say that I know the potential stress.
If you have a j-o-b, or some other income you rely on, even if you don’t love what it is you are doing…
You may feel some burden or fear that if you quit and try something different, what if it doesn’t work out like you planned?
And even though a paycheck is rarely, if ever, guaranteed (you could be laid off w/little notice), you may start sweating if you don’t SEE a payday headed your way every two weeks…

There are a few powerful ways around this!
One, you don’t have to quit, point blank. Do it when you’re comfortable “enough” to say good-bye to the 9-5 and daily commute to work.
A lifestyle business like I run can be easily done part-time and on the side. Even with a job or other obligations!
When you  have enough in savings to last for 3, 4, 5 months.


When you are able to pay off all of your bills. Then it may not be so hard to squeeze the trigger and pull a Jerry Maguire in the office, right?!

So really what do you have to lose?

I am offering you a way to make money on the side and still keep your paycheck.

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I hope this helps and answers your questions.

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