Where do I see myself and my business in 5 years…

In 5 years from now I see my business being on auto-pilot and I see myself being totally out of debt! Both of these will give me the time freedom and financial freedom to volunteer and be a blessing to others when I see a need. Now that I have said that I will say this…I don’t really look to far into the future. I concentrate more on just living one day at a time and just enjoying the moment that I’m in. Obviously I do try and plan since I am a business owner but I don’t put all my emphasis on the future and then take for granted the life I have today. Losing my son has changed me, it has changed the way I think. It has changed my priorities. It has made me so much more aware that today may be all I have so I had better make the best of it. I mean why am I going to waste so much time and energy thinking about and planning out the future when it isn’t even guaranteed. Today is the day and I am going to Love the Day!

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